Damp / Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing

An alcohol and drug free workplace is essential to the health, safety and well being of  all employees and employer’s onsite, ADM can assist in monitoring and enforcing of a substance-free workplace.

We complete detailed reports for every site visited, detailing the number of tests conducted, with details of negative and non negative tests (pending results) sent off for confirmation testing.

We have access to a network of Pathology Laboratories in place for confirmation testing of non negative results, ensuring that chain of command documents are in place to ensure compliance with stringent Australian standards.

Urine Testing or Oral Swab Testing

We can use both urine (manly used for history) and saliva (Fit for Work) drug testing, as testing tools dependent on your particular requirements. All non negatives (pending results) are sealed, picked up by pathology labs and the chain of custody action is commenced. Our testing processes are in accordance with AS 4760-2008 and AS 4308-2008.

Alcohol testing is conducted using a hand-held alcohol breathalyzer and are in accordance with AS 3547.

When and Why Test

 Drug testing and regular employee alcohol screenings have proven themselves to be effective and preventative measures, to ensure efficient and thorough testing policies are in place, tests can be conducted in the workplace at the following times:

Return to Work;

Post Incident – (imperative);

Random Testing; and

Targeted (Upon Just Cause)

ADM aims to assist and support employers to maintain a safe workplace by providing drug screening and alcohol screening in a sensitive and professional manner.

Our professionals are specially trained to perform authorised drug and alcohol screening, and can provide this service onsite at your workplace.

Drug and Alcohol Management Programs (DAMP)

Reduce workplace risk and maintain a safe working environment through quick and effective drug and alcohol screening and the implementation of Drug and Alcohol Management Programs (DAMP).   Drug and Alcohol management Programs assist employers and employees to understand and manage alcohol and other drug issues within the workplace.

As part of the DAMP process ADM provide a program of information and education sessions targeting drug and alcohol use, to both employers and employees.   Included in these sessions is either the implementation/or reaffirmation of your existing Workplace Drug and Alcohol Management Policy’s.

What are the outcomes of implementing these programs within your workplace?

Simplified Management – we can develop, implement and manage the DAMP for you or implement your existing policies.

Maximum Deterrent – random testing is optimised through information and education for your workplace.

Affordability – All of our programs and services can be tailored to suit your budget and your needs.

There are often many concerns regarding confidentiality and privacy when DAMP’s are introduced into the workplace, ADM work through any of these issues with you to ensure that both the employer and employees are well informed through the entire DAMP process.   Having a Drug and Alcohol Management Program demonstrates that you are committed to a safe and healthy workplace.

Don’t hesitate contact us to get started on a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Management Program today!!!!!